“We are family” Essay for Language Arts about your family.

December 9, 2011 at 6:01 pm (School) (, , )

Is your family like mine? The answer is no. No family is the same. Some are big some are small, some are short and some are tall, is there any similarity’s between them at all?(Lol that rhymed, sometimes i just cant help myself :P) The answer is yes, yes there is a similarity. You all love each other no matter what that’s how a family should be.  I know my family cares about me, and I care about them. There’s some people who I’m related to out there that I don’t even know or remember. My mom moved us to where we live now from my home town in the country. Some people haven’t even heard of the name before but I know it exist and remember everything I did there when I was little. All my cousins live there and so does my grandma.[My moms mom…]  We still keep in touch even if we are like bazillion miles away from each other [ERROR: Slight exaggeration] . All I know is I love them and they love me and that is how my family should be; and guess what, It is.

Like other families [Maybe] Me and my family now and then go places like the movies. We go once or twice a month on weekends. We do this on weekends because my parents always want me to do good in school. My mom is all like “You need to get a pass [Fast pass] to make that up or get tutored on that if you don’t want your grade to drop.” and my is like “Its alright, you just need to study and get your mind off that TV and those games” So its best to go on weekends and not school days. [Week days].  A day or so before we go to the movies my dad goes online to a website called ” Fandango.com”. Where you go and put your Zip code in and it gives you a list of theaters near you and what movies are in them. [I think its awesome because what if you go without knowing what is in the theater and You find out a movie you want to see is there when you go and you look for the time and it starts like 2 hours later I mean my dad he’s always like “Be ready by 12:00 or 11:00 or etc” we kinda plan things out ya know.]

                                                 Some other place we go that is near the movie theater is my sister’s house she’s in her late 20 ‘s and married with 3 children. ALL boys, names ALL start with “J” [Even her husband; that’s a shocker, and also ironic.] Its crazy. Sometimes we get their names mixed up [We as in EVERYONE] They all can walk, The oldest is 5, the middle child is 3, and the small one is 1. [If you don’t notice their 2 years apart 3+2 is 5 and 1+2 is 3, well there’s some math for ya.]Sometimes she comes to our house, and may be there when i get off my bus when i get home. We also go to the pool that you can see if you step out my sister’s door and take a right and stop at the railing. (It’s a community pool) well I only go because I usually stay at my sister’s house over the weekend and she takes me back home.We also now and then to “Buffalo Lanes” a bowling place I mistaken as something else…but whatever, and I will tell you this now that place is PRETTY BIG. If I say so myself….Once we went to Florida; well I did. They have been twice with my sister. [When she was a kid of course]. It was cool we didn’t even get through all of the parks. But we plan to go i think somewhere near my birthday. [See about me post] I had a blast. 

Most of the time we don’t even go anywhere, we stay right at home and enjoy ourselves. [Actually we stay home a whole lot,  it’s not like were bazillion airs  and go to Europe every year cause we don’t] My favorite place in the house is the “Toy room” I call it that cause it has old toys in it with my video games [CAUTION: Not as cramped as it sounds] Trust me its pretty roomy. Well basically because its a room. Well anyway my parents and i occasionally go in this room to play Wii sports. We love playing  bowling on it…Actually its pretty much the only thing we play on that game. And i’m a pro in it just saying, no but really I am. It says so. But my mom’s not the best in it, but ever since we went REAL bowling shes been bragging about how she won every time she looses on the Wii. Shes all like ” This isn’t nothing compared to the real thing” I’m all like “Yea yea anything to save your pride” You see im the electronic/video game girl in the family, my dad says i have too much stuff and my mom says i have enough electronics. I say you can never have enough. 

Sometimes i go in the room alone. To watch shows and stuff. I do come home to nobody being there sometimes because my parents work and get off late. [Jobs -.-] But i distract myself by doing homework. [I dont really have a choice] i immideatly do my homework when i get home, wellllll actually i dont most of the time; I might get a quick snack or two. :). But trust me i see them alot!

                     My mom does most of the chores around the house [And i dont mean that litteraly] and so do i [Most of the time]. I say that because if im at school i could get home and she would tell me she cleaned. So how could i help her at school? Its not like i have a clone or anything. But i do help her clean most of the time. Like clear off tables so she or me can spray and clean it, I do the dishes sometimes after dinner [Sometimes my mom or dad does it]. Also i get the mail and empty trash cans from the other rooms and put it in the main trashcan and then wrap that up and put that in the BIG trashcan and take it to the road [On tuesdays] . Yea i know, i do alot. I also may sweep leaves off the sidewalk [We have our own, long story short] but she does it most of the time. I get “Praised” for doing these things. I love my life and my family and friends.      Thats my life, and my family.

                                              Made and thought by; Taaliyah


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